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A simple way to find, hire and track expert witness deliverables

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Let Us Help You Place The Right Expert

You get to focus on the flow of the case while we help put the best experts in front of you

  • Make The Most Of Your Time

Gain Peace Of Mind Knowing You Have The Best

Your mission is to win the case and your time is the most valuable asset

In-House Sales Training
Harness Your Social Proof
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We Know Our Experts From A-Z

We take a look at everything from background, experience, character and niche skill set

Marketing Expert
Sandy Reiff

Account Manager

Get the experts to help with your case

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Andreas Casey Client

“Forge Harbor helped us find a very specific type of expert for our case. They asked questions that helped us place the right person to provide an expert opinion”

Andreas Casey

Estate Planning and Probate

The Experts at Finding Experts

We go deeper than experience and background and choose experts for you to review and decide which will fit your case

Grow Your Practice

Expand your capabilities into other areas of expertise

Improve Win Rates

Solidify your position with a great expert witness

Optimize Case Flow

Tell the expert what you need and when you need it

Learn How We Help Leading Firms Get The Right Experts

Let’s Make Things Happen

Create a profile, post your case and get the right financial expert witness or consultant to help provide the insights and knowledge for your case.

“Our mission is to strengthen your case and let the reputation you worked hard to build become a beacon for those seeking out guidance”

Gregory Garone

Forge Harbor CEO

Expert Witness
Richard Madsen
Account Executive

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