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Does it cost anything to become an expert witness?2023-03-16T12:12:09+00:00

Completely free. We tap into your knowledge when we have an opportunity that comes our way.

How do you go about finding an expert for our case?2023-02-21T19:26:13+00:00

Our team has deep experience in finance. We have built thousands of relationships with some of the most respected experts and consultants in this industry, hungry to bring their experience to your case. We dig into the details of the case, what deliverables are needed, then get to work interviewing and vetting our people even further to ensure they are the best fit.

What is the difference between the expert search and platform?2023-02-23T16:53:16+00:00

This depends on a few different items, primarily, the expert search is performed if you need help finding the right person for the case. There are many “granular” elements of financial sectors which can come up in a case, and is easy to overlook. This may detrimentally hurt your case.

The platform was built for those legal teams that know exactly what they need and would like to search it themselves. This is great for repeat case types and large firms with junior associates and paralegals.

What kind of expert witnesses and consultants can you bring in to our case?2023-02-21T19:48:25+00:00

There is no limitation to the financial cases we serve. If the expert consultant does not have the experience or niche expertise, we will go out and find the right one for the case. We will always present you with the best options for your case for you to choose.