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When your case is too important, Forge Harbor is where you come to find the best finance expert witnesses and consultants

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Richard Madsen
Account Executive

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We have worked hard to get the best expert witnesses and consultants on our platform. Each case is designated an account manager to help you find the right expert needed.

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Post your case, requirements and deliverables needed. Hire the expert of your choosing and manage the process securely on the Forge Harbor platform.

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Our expert consultants come from the most diverse experiences and backgrounds

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Sandy Reiff

Account Manager

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Finding a good expert is hard, finding the right one is harder.

Our vetting process for experts stems from our deep experience in finance.

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We only focus on financial related experts and witness, because that is what we know best.

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Our mission is to get you the right expert in 1-2 days. We work primarily with firms that have complex cases needing some of the most experienced and unique cases.


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Kate Schadler Client

“We had a case concerning concentrated stock positions and possible front running. We brought in a compliance expert to help review the documents and provide a detailed opinion.”

Kate Schadler

Litigation -Securities and Capital Markets

Expert Studies : Get The Right Experts, Grow Your Firm and Reputation

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Create a profile, post your case and get the right financial expert witness or consultant to help provide the insights and knowledge for your case.

“Our mission is to strengthen your case and let the reputation you worked hard to build become a beacon for those seeking out guidance”

Greg Garone

Forge Harbor CEO

Expert Witness
Richard Madsen
Account Executive

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