The Challenge

One of top 10 law firms came to us asking for a former Wealth Advisor that primarily dealt with high net worth clients and had the following criteria


  • Had to have a working history with a specific firm

  • Had at least 8-10 years experience with wealth management or portfolio analysis

  • Did not have any conflicts of interest at their current firm

  • Could analyze around 500 pages of statements and documents

  • Could analyze major changes in portfolio investments, calculate fees and internal costs of the holdings

  • Multiple law firms and teams engaged in this

The Vetting Process

We dug deep into the bench to pull the right candidate for this analysis, as it was a smaller lawsuit inside of a larger one

The repercussions of not having the right financial service expert in there could possibly “domino” effect the rest of the case, which would be detrimental in this $2 Billion dollar case.

The firm asked for our experience in helping secure an expert witness so we brought in 3-5 candidates for the firm to review. They ended up taking 2 of them to focus on different areas of the analysis


At stake

Which was a smaller suit within a larger one



We brought to the table for the law firm to review


Documents to review

Statements, signed documents and agreements

“The important thing in this case was to prioritize what needed to be delivered first”

Andrew Karter Client
Sandy Schadler

Account Executive

The Process

The Account Executive was brought in to help manage the case deliverables with the expert witness with a suggested course of action.

  • Scan through documents to determine the format used by firm
  • Come up with initial template for analyzing each set of documents

  • Send first set of analysis back to law firm for review on format


The case is still ongoing.

The firm and legal team were happy with the speed and accuracy of the analysis.

Overall it took about 36 hours to accomplish this task.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Expert Witness

Richard Madsen

Account Executive

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