The Challenge

A divorce case between husband and wife has the advisors book of business come into the conversation as an asset

  • Can an advisors book of business be deemed as part of the divorce settlement?

  • Did current state rulings make this income producing book of business irrelevant in the divorce settlement?

  • This book of business had the potential to substantially increase the settlement amount

  • Can a book of business be valued the way a brick and mortar business would?

The Vetting Process

We had to focus on making sure we found someone from the state where the case was on-going.

The advisors legal team did not even consider this to be an asset in the divorce proceedings but our experts had experience in evaluating Registered Independent Advisory books of business that were typically purchased by competing firms or a junior advisor.

The legal team that brought us on acknowledged the advisors book would be a significant asset to bring to the table and was worth exploring.


At stake

Funds that the wife was asking for the book of business



We brought to the table for the law firm to review


Books Of Business

Reviewed by our experts in evaluating the sale price

“State law made this a tough case but the experts facts and opinions were critical”

Andrew Karter Client
Sandy Schadler

Account Executive

The Process

The Account Executive was brought in to help manage the case deliverables with the expert witness with a suggested course of action.

  • Analyze the book of business at a high level to determine its value
  • Determine how liquid and illiquid it was in the event it was sold
  • Determine the rough estimate of a sale price in the event it went to market


The case has been settled with a 1 time payout to the wife for any current and future valuation of the book of business.

The firm that brought us on were thrilled with the way our experts were able to quickly analyze what a potential sale price would be against recent deals they did.

This was a tough case for the hiring attorneys as there was still some state law that would make their full monetary request difficult to achieve economically (continued court hearings, additional expert witness research, legal expenses, etc.)

They were happy with the result considering all the variables .

Let’s Make Things Happen

Expert Witness

Richard Madsen

Account Executive

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